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Monday, June 19, 2006

Tai Chi Grandmaster Zhu Cheng Jincai

Friday, June 09, 2006

How To Be Shaolin Monk In 24 hours moreorless - Martial Arts Lesson

How to Be a Shaolin Monk In 24 hours MoreOrLess.

Most folks know that you have to start training at the age of 5-7 years old to start on the path of Grasshopper. What you don't know is what you have to do to shed your grasshopperness and become a full fledged Shaolin Priest. For SuperHuman Power Digg It!

Paraphrased, but copied directly from the website, here is your answer...

The priests are adept in all of the following: medicine, music, art, weapons-making, religions, animal husbandry, cartography, languages, history, and of course, kung fu. The priest had to be more than a fighting machine, he had to know how, where and why to enter a fight, and even of greater importance, how to avoid conflict. Only with "unbeatable" ability, the priest was he secure enough not to fight.

There was a ranking system used - beginner, disciple, and master. The beginner (student level), was a menial servant. Only crude rudiments of kung fu were his domain. Disciples were almost priests, still having to master themselves, but of the mettle to carry and secrets of the Shaolin. The pinnacle of master was reached by few; it was the achievement of a lifetime.

Final Shaolin Test Cheat Sheet
The obstacle that a disciple had to pass to attain the priesthood was the test for master rank. After a series of oral and practical exams, they faced the test of the tunnel. The candidate was lead to a corridor linked with the outside world. In the corridor were booby-traps, all lethal, all unpredictable. The disciple had to pass all these, for there was no going back, no way out but success. Most never began the journey; few ever finished it. The adept who passed the traps faced one last obstacle; a several hundred pound urn filled with burning iron filings. On each side of the urn is an emblem, different for each temple, usually of a dragon and a tiger. The urn must be moved with the bare forearms to unblock the exit. In so doing, the now priest was forever branded as a Sil Lum monk.

So to become a Sil Lum or Shaolin Monk, just do the last paragraph and cut out all that menial grunt work. You'll be saving yourself decades. For SuperHuman Power - Digg It!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

How To Be Invisible In 30 Days - Martial Arts Lesson

How To Be Invisible In 30 Days - Martial Arts Lesson Part Deux
Stop. Read the First Post ummmm... first. Part One: How To Be Invisible In 30 Days - Martial Arts Lesson

PART DEUX - Now for the Black Belt Lesson. You've already got the concept of moving EXTERNALLY like the tree branches waving around you. You've got the part about meditation and it's role in making you believe that your body is nowhere to be seen. And you know that belief is contagious. Now, we are diving deeply into the Jedi Master realm. For supernatural powers, Digg Me!

In order for you to be invisible, You don't necessarily need to be transparent. In other words, IN-VISIBLE means not-visible. And vision happens IN THE MIND not in the great outdoors. Light can bounce off you all it wants but so long as that light doesn't raise any red flags in the mind of your stalker, you'll be fine.

Again, this goes back to our Invisibility Lesson Part One: How To Be Invisible In 30 Days - Martial Arts Lesson. But in this episode, we will go into the things that cause these red flags to go up. You already know most of the triggers that can put you on the radar. Sight (cammo), Smell (take a shower), Hearing (walk quietly), Taste (don't put yourself in the mouth of your stalker). All no brainer stuff. What about the fifth trigger?

Touch. Obviously, you don't want to touch someone to whom you're trying to be invisible. But pick pockets do it all the time. And they remain invisible. So what does touch have to do with being invisible? A lot. This is the least considered component of invisibility because most Jr. Ninjas think that touch only happens when there is physical contact.

Wrong Grasshopper. Touch happens without contact all the time. Can you feel the warmth of the sun? The sun is just a ball of energy. Nothing solid is touching you. And yet, even with your eyes closed, you can tell where the sun is just by the heat on your skin. Can you pick up construction nails without touching them? Of course. A lot of screw drivers are magnetized for just that purpose.

So the lesson here is that you can trigger effects and cause "touch feelings" without even touching anything. Or, in the case of the pick pocket, you can touch and still not cause ANY "touch feelings."

Ok. take a second to breathe now. I know we've covered a lot of mileage here.

HOW to Use Touch to become INVISIBLE
Actually, the above title is inaccurate. The real title should be "how to turn off touch." You see, in the case of the magnet, the polarity creates a magnetic attraction and repulsion. All wires that carry an electrical current create the same magnetic field that can be felt. And yes, you too Grasshopper are an electro-magnetic wiring system. For supernatural powers, Digg Me!

Every time a neural impulse streams through your body, an electrical current is created. Then an ensuing magnetic field is born perpendicular to the direction of that energy flow. So are you starting to see the light now? If you are going to move. In in such a way that your radial magnetic field is directed away from the person you are hiding from. Think perpendicular.

If you are standing still. Relax. Just let your limbs and muscles hang lifelessly from your skelleton. This deadens most all your electrical transfer and thus you loose magnetic polarity. The deeper way to go about this is to seep into transcendental meditation. EEG machines and cat scans show coma-like brain wave activity in this state. And if a million dollar scanner cant detect you, a casual observer is gunna have a really tough time.

Granted. You may still be a scheptic and say, "There ain't no way my magnetic field is gunna be felt by the bouncer from 20 feet away!" But haven't you ever felt someone behind you staring at you?

Redneck Grasshopper, our bodies are unfathomably sensitive measuring devices. Don't sell it short. Especially when being invisible can get you into clubs without paying cover. See: How To Be Invisible In 30 Days - Martial Arts Lesson- Lesson One. For supernatural powers, Digg Me!

HOWto Jedi Mind Trick Buddies - Martial Arts Lesson 8b

How to Jedi Mind Trick Your Buddies and Hot Chicks. Part Deux.
See part one first (since this is part deux)... Jedi Martial Arts P1
OK. So we promised you deeper resolution to the first Jedi martial arts lesson. Here we go. For SuperHuman Power, Digg Me!

Now that we are all masters at circumventing the filtering processes that normal rational people use, we can move on to making the images in our mind just as clear in the mind of the person we are "Shin Gong-ing." We already understand that going through all that red-tape of some one's cognitive thinking, mental associations, and rationalizationalization gives you a snow balls chance in hades of persuading your buddy. So we've learned how to communicate directly from your spirit to theirs.

New Stuff of Jedi Mind Tricks
The next issue to address is to make a deep impression of your will onto your buddy. This is done with visualization. Remember we talked about the how to angle your eyeballs so that the optic nerve triggers the visual cortex of your brain / mind?

Ok. So now, what you do is visualize a key payoff moment after your will was accomplished. For example, if you want a buddy to buy you a beer, see yourself enjoying that beer. Capture that image in your mind. Now, turn it around and BE your buddy. Put yourself in his shoes and mind. Then see HIS payoff. See two hot chicks approaching him-you as soon as he gets you that beer.

This image creates a mental-bio-chemical reaction in your body. All you've got to do is recreate that same experience in your buddies' body. Technically, when you say the words, "Yes, you DO want to buy me a beer," is the precise moment you want to upload this image into his mind.

In our last lesson, we only described when to say what. Didn't you think it was odd that we had to access the VISUAL cortex of our minds but we were only using auditory communication? Now you know why the puppy dog eyes are key. For SuperHuman Power, Digg Me!

But the most vital part of this Jedi Mind Trick is that you've created the future in your mind already- FROM YOUR BUDDY's PERSPECTIVE. So, once this image is ingrained onto his psyche, he's already lived through it. No wonder why it's easy for him to follow through. He is simply retracing his future footsteps in the present time.

Notice that in all the "Jedi Mind Trick" Pictures, all the pupils are touching the upper eyelids. Two words: visual cortex.

Part of this technique has to do with mental time travel. Visualizing the future with a positive outcome then simply retracing your steps to get back to that point in the present. You may not consider this time travel but talk to your nearest quantum physicist ( The next lesson will be on time travel. And yes, you CAN change the future - Jedi Martial Arts Style.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

HOWto Pull Off a Jedi Mind Trick on Friends and Hot Chicks - Meditation Mantra

How to Pull Off a Jedi Mind Trick on Friends and Hot Chicks.
This may sound silly and impossible but it's not. It is not silly or impossible. Jedi Mind Tricks are Rational and Simple (wave right hand lao-gung chi ball point here).

You've wanted to convince others to do your bidding. Does that make you evil? No. It makes you normal. Now, some of us can actually get others to do the things we want. Does that make us evil? No. It makes us readers of Carnegy's book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People."

Ok, so influencing people isn't so hard. What if you want to be able to get people to do things at a Jedi Level? In Chinese Kung Fu, they call this "Shin Gong." Yoda calls it, "Using the Force."

On the surface, the process of getting people to do what you want using "Shin Gong" or "the Force" is no different from any other communication. You start by communicating your desire. Then you wait to see how deeply that message influences your listener. For Super-Natural Martial Arts Powers Digg Me!

The big differences between your common communication and "Shin Gong" comes into play far before your communication begins. Instead of communicating via sound waves that pass from your larynx to their ear drum, in "Shin Gong," You communicate from your soul to their soul. Or more precisely, since Shin Gong means, "the cultivation of spirit," you communicate from your spirit to their spirit.

How is this done? Let's first establish that hands do play a key role. Ok done. We will come back to this.

Second, understand how communication happens. You speak, they hear, they process the words, then they filter the words based on what they THINK you mean. Then, they toss the ideas in through a processing lab maze that compares your idea with millions of their own. They weigh your idea against their own agenda, comfort level, and interests. Finally, after your idea has been strip searched by the Storm Troopers of the mind, a decision is rendered.

Now that you know how a decision is made, you begin to see how to circumvent the decision making process and immediately corral agreement. Yes, you do see it. It's like this, if you want your screen play to go to hollywood, do you show it to all the writers in town or do you go directly to G Lucas?

Your mind is no different. In order to "Jedi Mind Trick" a friend or even a hot chick, set your intention to speak directly to their spirit. Don't even bother with speaking to their mind or thoughts. Chances are you'll just get filtered out before you get anywhere near the core of the Death Star.

There are several physical techniques that let you achieve direct spirit-spirit connection. Among them are posture, pulse, breathing, and thoughts. Carnegy talks a lot about "mirroring." The modern business world using this mirroring as a way to match the posture of those you are doing business with. If they lean, you lean. If they cross their legs, you cross. Next, match your heart rate to theirs. Musicians know this as rhythm. Then, match their breathing. This creates deep harmonics.

Now you've created a high bandwidth communication channel between you and your partner. You have a profound level of intimacy and interconnection with each other (This also happens naturally during sex).

Finally, for the "Jedi Mind Trick" part where you move your hand. Still maintaining your will to speak directly to your friend's spirit, tilt your head down and look upward at him. This enables you to access your visual cortex to transfer your mental images from eyes to eyes. Now speak. For Super-Natural Martial Arts Powers Digg Me!

As you speak, move one hand from left to right. Follow your own hand with your eyes as you do. This is designed to create the same effect that a hypnotist would do using a pocket watch. Its called the pendulum effect. Why does this work? Simple. The eye movement implants the most recent suggestion across the left AND the right side of the brain as the optic nerve guided by eyeball tracking triggers synapses to fire across both lobes of the brain.

You've covered the entire logical and the emotional side of your friend's brain with one suggestion out of the visual part of your brain. The same thing happens during rem sleep. Your rapid eye movement stimulates the optic nerves to activate all the connected parts of your brain.

If you don't think this works, wait till the next time a really cute kid asks you for another ice creme. They are born Jedi Knights.

We can go into deeper resolution but start with trying to get that hot chick to give you her number. We'll talk.

For Super-Natural Martial Arts Powers Digg Me!

NEW!: See Part Deux. Jedi Martial Arts Lesson

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Jump Off Tall Building Without Killing Yourself (immediately) - Martial Arts Lesson Part DEUX

Part DEUX with new and IMPROVED Information!

In today's sit down drive around world. The human body doesn't get much of a chance to test its limits. But in some parts of the world, training the body and mind are still a daily endeavor. Grand Master Iron Kim of Oom Yung Doe Kung Fu is one of these people who claims to have jumped from a 12 story and 8 story to a sloped surface below without injury. Photos are at martial arts

The Art of high falling is called kyung-kong-sul-bup or Mid-Air-Art-Technique. It requires focus, body conditioning and meditation. The meditation is necessary to shift your organs within your body in the way a leaf would feather downward instead of plummet like a pebble. This requires metronome like precision and timing.

When you actually hit the ground, you want all your organs as high in your rib cage as possible in order stretch out and lengthen the total impact time on your body. If you are 6 feet tall falling at 60mph (300,000 feet per hour or 5,000 feet per minute) - nowhere near terminal velocity, from the time your feet hit to the time your head hits, it will take 0.07 seconds. Lets just say a tenth of a second.

If you hit flat with your whole body at once, that same impact takes 0.006 seconds. You engineers can do the math. Remember F=mA. So that means that the Force of a flat hit is atleast TEN TIMES Greater than a gradual drop. Now. Roll off the impact onto a sloped surface. This rolling off can take about 3 seconds. So the total impact to the body from a 0.006 second SPLAT! vs a 3 second roll is about 50,000% greater. Ladies, Learn to Roll.

Beyond this I don't know much more about the technique so I'll let you decide.

As far as I can tell, Looks like the guys above could use some more swafting. Watching cats and monkeys falling like this Shaolin Monk may help. At any rate, now to learn the Famous Bruce Lee's 1 Inch Punch


Martial Arts Dedication Practice and Meditation Pays Off

Laura as Proof - Personal Webcam Chat Session - You Decide.

We advocate serious practice of Kung Fu. After all, Kung Fu literally means, "Cultivation of Dedication." But we rarely speak of the practical benefits of doing so. Besides just the mental and physical benefits, there are

many more subtle life events that will begin to happen to you.

Here is a web-chat I personally had with a young Irish woman, Laura. I met her in a London Club with some of her friends after an extended meditation at Stone Henge in the Scottish Moors. You will notice that she obviously could not resist my Kung Fu Master Aura. I trust she will not mind my putting our web-chat online. DIGG IT!


Core Kung Fu Kicks for Most Back Alley Situations

Every warrior must have a staple of familiar weapons. Bruce Lee had Nunchakas. Dirty Harry had a Magnum. You now have a core collections of kicks that you can call your own for most any back alley situation.

Kung Fu for Kids. Detailed DIY Video for Your Kids to try at Home

As adults, we seem to have all the fun from a childs perspective. Now you can give your child the gift of Kung Fu. With this easy to follow step by step instructional video, your own child will be able to say "Kung Fu" too.

How To Learn Kung Fu In 1.5 Minutes - Meditation and Training

Since most of us have full time jobs and hobbies, I have decided to offer you a crash course in Kung Fu. Consider this the Kung Fu Multi-Vitamin or that plug thing that gets stuck in the receptor at the back of your head in the Matrix. Pay close attention as you will need to follow this video step by step to succeed.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How To Jump From a Tall Building and Not Die Immediately

In today's sit down drive around world. The human body doesn't get much of a chance to test its limits. But in some parts of the world, training the body and mind are still a daily endeavor. Grand Master Iron Kim of Oom Yung Doe Kung Fu is one of these people who claims to have jumped from a 12 story and 8 story to a sloped surface below without injury. Photos are at martial arts

The Art of high falling is called kyung-kong-sul-bup or Mid-Air-Art-Technique. It requires focus, body conditioning and meditation. The meditation is necessary to shift your organs within your body in the way a leaf would feather downward instead of plummet like a pebble. This requires metronome like precision and timing.

Beyond this I don't know much more about the technique so I'll let you decide.

As far as I can tell, Looks like the guys above could use some more swafting. Watching cats and monkeys falling may help.


Jedi Mind Tricks - Applied Martial Arts Meditation to Try On Friends Neighbors and Hot Chicks

How to Pull Off A Jedi Mind Trick On Your Buddies
Work In Progress...

Snake like Kung Fu Reflexes & Meditation to Catch Balls with Your Eyes Closed

How To Have Snake like Kung Fu Reflexes to Catch Balls with Your Eyes Closed in 30 days

We all remember that scene in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon where Chow Yung Fat / Li-Mu Bai's love interest, the hot older chick drops a hot cup of tea on ZHANG ZIYI, the hotter younger chick. ZHANG ZIYI catches the cup without spilling a drop.

This is more or less possible. And it only takes about 30 days of training.

The training requires about 1-2 hours of time per day. But the tricky part is that you'll have to learn how to think differently. Infact. you'll have to learn NOT to think. Instead, you'll have to learn how to just BE. Thinking takes time. Being is perpetual and instantaneous.

Training Equipment Digg It!
To start, all you'll need is a bean bag. Try using a big bean bag about the size of both your fists put together. As you get better, you'll be able to move down to marbles, bb's, and even hot teacups.

There are 2 reasons a bean back is the best starting tool. First, when you throw it, you can hear it. This is important because you cannot use your eyes. Visual reaction time has too much latency. Secondly, It's forgiving. there's a good tenth of a second between the first bean and the last bean to hit you.

Pre Requisite Meditation Warm Up Digg It!
This is the part that may take some time for Westerners to get used to. Practice moving your mind to different parts of your body. In America, we tend to think that our mind is in our brain. But in asia, the mind can be anywhere. So, practice taking QI or CHI or ENERGY away from everypart of your body and concentrating it on the back of your hand.

This process is meditative. If done properly, you should not be able to see, hear, smell, taste, or feel anything except every hair on the back of your hand vibrating from the wind current. This is easier to do than you think. You do it all the time already. Think of the last Superbowl. Your Wife became mute and you became Wife-tone deaf. You didn't even notice the Dorritos on your lap.

Later on, this process a can be used to put your mind into animals and see what they see but let's not get carried away here. All we are doing is teaching you to catch a teacup instantly.

Next, standing outside, find a breeze. Yes, find a breezy place like a park where you can move around flail your arms without being self conscious. Now take those super sensitive hands and feel the air vibrating the hair on the back of your hands. Make the vibrating stop by moving your hands in the same direction and speed as the wind currents.

If you've ever been in a hot air balloon, you'll know what I mean. There is NO BREEZE in the hot air balloon because it moves WITH THE WIND. In fact, from up there, you can hear everything for miles.

This process trains you to be at one. You will need this because in order to catch a bean bag with our eyes closed, you must "Be da Bag."

Lastly, highten your hearing and feeling senses. You can this by doing reverse blinking where ever you are walking. Reverse blinking is exactly what it sounds like. While you are walking, keep your eyes closed for as long as you can. Then, blink your eyes OPEN for a millisecond to re assess your location and keep moving. This also trains your photographic memory but for this lesson, just apply it to your ability to move by sound and feel instead of sight.

How to Practice Digg It!
Finally. Now that you have the idea, It's time to practice catching with your eyes closed. In the beginning, I don't recommend standing on home plate in a batting cage just yet.

Start by practicing catching the large beanbag (PICTURES ) with your writing hand. Have your strong hand palm down extended out. Then lightly toss the bean bag up so that it hits the top of your right hand on its way down. If you tense your body, the neural synaptic messages will have a hard time getting to your brain and back so relax. Let the chi flow.

The moment you feel the first bean touch the back of your hand, catch it. Do so with our eyes closed.

This is harder to do that you think. The bag will generally just bounce off your hand and hit the ground. So to catch the back with snake like timing, you must think differently. Stop thinking about catching the bag. Let the catching be a side effect of your BEING the BAG. Tell yourself that the bag is a part of your right hand. It has always been there and it always will be there like a Siamese twin.

Then, when you feel the first bean hit your hand let that bean GUIDE and LEAD YOU. Do not try to conquor it. Let it tell you how it wants to be conquored. In less "Sun Tzu Art of War Speak," what this means is that you simply follow the bean downward and match its speed. Doing so will give you eon's of more time to catch the bag. Remember to bend your knees as you follow the bag down.

You do all this with your eyes closed.

After my first month of training, I had a chance to practically apply this training at a sushi bar. I accidently elbowed a tall bottle of Kirin behind my back. It flew across the table toward the cement. Then, as if I had an out of body experience, I saw my right hand fling itself behind me and catch the bottle right side up. All this happened behind my back without any visual help.

Now, Try this with a opponent's Punch. You will amaze your friends and win over the hottest chick in the bar. Unless she is ZHANG ZIYI.

Practice this. And comment below on your questions and experience. Next Lesson, How to bounce and move like a Tiger. (This one is suuuuper simple) Digg It!

HowTo 1 Inch Punch a Buddy Across the Bar - Real LIVE XBOX Martial Arts Meditation Lesson

How To 1 Inch Punch A Buddy Across the Bar
We've all seen that scene in a Bruce Lee Movie where Bruce launches an enemy twenty feet away with a punch that only traveled 1 inch. Then you've got a guy like Mike Tyson that cranks his twenty pound fist and whales it over a six feet distance to knock a guy only 3 feet away. What's the difference? How can you learn Bruce's punch?

Well, for starters, In the movies, they use pulley wires. This is called WIRE-FU.
But don't be discouraged. They only use wires to offset the real force they'd feel if the punch was done properly. Tai Chi and Kung Fu Masters really CAN launch buddies across bars with ZERO inches of distance.

Where you've seen the One Inch Punch in Real Life DIGG IT!
OK, this is the part where we convince you that you too can do the One Inch Punch. You've seen it often in nature. The same principle that shoots off your fist like a bullet is seen in a Blow Hole. Millions of tons of of water moving at 15mph creates a LOT OF FORCE. Then if you try to squeeze all that force through a small opening, you end up converting that force into a tiny mass with "ludicrous speed." You physicists know this as F=mA. Force = Mass times Accelleration.

Your task, if you choose to accept it, Grasshopper, is to be the wave, the blowhole and the spray. To do so, you are going to have to learn how to meditate.

Preparatory Meditation and Kung Fu Primer
The meditation for being a wave is simple. Get into your full Lotus position and relax your self into REM Sleep but stay awake. Now that your conscious and subconscious are deeply fused. Give your subconscious a suggestion. This is just like hypnosis but you get to be the patient and the quack.

Tell your you, that you are a giant powerful wave. If you video tape yourself, you'll notice that you start swaying like a wave about now. See your entire body move as one and freely flow. Then tell your shoulder that it is a blow hole. See all the swaying movement of your body simultaneously funnel its way into the bottle neck of your shoulder. Then, tell your fist that it is the spray. Your body will be deeply trained to move properly now.

Quick note. Relaxation is the key. If you tense during this process, this is like having ice in the water. Besides, you'll burn all the ATP and ADP molecules creating lactic acid before you even launch off the punch.

Actual Kung Fu Martial Art Practice DIGG IT!
Now you are ready to practice are you? Until you get the coordination down, you'll look silly mastering this. So lets get you a few starting points.

In order to be a wave, you must have a solid bedrock or ocean floor. Make sure that your feet are flat and heels are touching the earth the entire time. If your heel is up, throughout the entire punching motion, your calves will act as shock absorbers and suck up all your outward force before it sees the light of day. I mean come on. Look at your calves. Shock absorbers. You want all the shock to flow OUT of your body.

Next, build maximum back pressure in your legs. This is done by standing pidgeon toed and pressing your knees together. Do you feel the pressure in your thighs calves and quads? This is the pressure that you are going to transfer and add to the spiraling of your hips then the funnelling to your shoulder. Try this. When you release one foot by rotating it, did you notice the pressure going away? All you've got to do is direct this energy up and out before it dissapates.

Now learn to whip your hips into your shoulder like your would if you had a hoola-hoop. This movement next triggers the extention of your shoulders. Technically, think like you are punching with your shoulder NOT your fist. It's just that your fist got there first.

Finally, just keep practicing the 1 inch punch on a punching bag. While you do, remember to stay relaxed and limber with your whole body until the precise moment of impact. Then your whole body tenses so that the impact leaves and does not have any where to recoil back into your body. There are more fine details that double your power but this should get you to about half of Bruce's fire power.

More Details...
DIGG IT! Suggest A topic at

Meditation Art - How to Throw Chi Balls Like in XBOX

How to Throw Chi Balls / Energy Fire Balls at Your Buddies Just Like PS3
Yes, this is a meditation website. It's about reaching zen centeredness and bliss through the pursuit of spirit. But today, we are going to explain how to throw a deadly chi ball.

Why? We are doing this for two reasons. First, to show that through meditation, anything is possible. Second, because we want the younger video gaming crowd to get off of ritalin and meditate because it is cool.

OK, so enough of the disclaimers. Let's get down to it.

Spiritual Meditation + Basics DIGG IT!
The first thing you've got to learn to do before you can throw chi fire balls at your friends is focus. Secondly, you must be able to relax. I could write a whole chapter on this but lets move on. Last, you've got to have faith that this is indeed possible.

The faith part, we can help with. There are two main components to throwing a chi ball. You've experienced them both in your daily life already. So you've already got the faith that this works. You ever notice that if someone gives you the menacing evil eye, you feel lousy for weeks? You ever notice that if you step out into a cold breeze when you are wet or tired you catch a "cold?"

Well, these are the principles you must understand. All over Asia, if you get sick, you are said to have either caught a "cold" or a "hot." Yes, you can indeed catch a "hot" too. Catching a "hot" happens to you when you get sunburnt. You feel all hot and radiant then at night, you start shivering.

So in the same way you can sneeze and give someone a "cold," you can also "allyoucan (street fighter reference)" and give someone a "hot." This is the first principle of throwing chi fire balls. The second is that instead of giving someone the "evil eye" through eye contact, you do so with the palm of your hand. Hot chicks know all about this type of contact. Sleezy guys at clubs can make a girl feel dirty for days with just a touch.

Throughout Asia and India, the Yoga land, you can see pictures like the one above. In acupuncture, this point is called the LAO GONG Point...
Location: In the middle of the palm, between the middle and the ring fingers, adjacent to the 3rd metacarpal bone.
Indications: Stomatitis, epilepsy, chronic skin infection of the hand, hiccup.

Kung Fu Training and Actual Practice DIGG IT!
Now that you know that you've already experienced the ingredients for chi balls or energy fire balls in your common daily life, it's time to take these ingredients and blend them together to pour out a tall glass of "whoopass" on your buddies.

The first thing you've got to practice is the "evil eye" thing through your "lao gong" point. How you do this is by practicing touching people. Feel an emotion. Try opposites. Feel blissful happiness. Ask yourself, "where in my body do I feel this bliss?" (keep this pg13 please.) Then, move the bliss to the LAO GONG point (remember we said in the beginning that focus and relaxation is crucial?). You palm should tingle now. As soon as you get this tingle, touch a buddy's neck, forearm or belly while further moving the feeling into your buddy. Don't tell them what you are doing. Just notice their reaction. Now try the opposite emotion. Try tatoo worthy depression.

Works Huh?!

Ok, now for the hard part. How do you throw that at someone from long range? Let's leave this for next time. Suffice it to say for now that it requires much more training that involves candles. Try this, light a candle. Stand with your palm toward the candle and push air at it from about 1 foot away. You can chamber your palm at your hip then do a thrust to put out the candle. This ONLY works if you are relaxed. When you get really frustrated, start visualizing cold damp moisture squirting from your palm to put out the candle.

Ok, I've already divulged too much. Comment below and let me know if you want to learn more :o) and talk about this

Next Topic: Ninjitsu Lesson - How to Become Invisible for 10 minutes. DIGG IT!

HowTO be Invisible - Real Live XBOX Martial Arts Lesson

How To Be Invisible - Real Live XBOX Martial Arts Training
Wouldn't it be great to do in real life all the things you can in XBOX? To a greater or lesser degree, You CAN. Sure, some of the Kung Fu movies exagerate slightly. But understanding the core principles of these mystical feats lets you personally execute these moves in real life - more or less.

Take for instance invisibility. Do you believe that you can be invisible? For many of us nerds out there, that's the story of our lives. When's the last time a hot chick noticed you at a bar? OK, so maybe you're a rich gucci wearing tech entrepreneur of a nerd and chicks notice you all the time. You still get the idea. What you will learn how to do today, is selectively choose when to be invisible.

Prerequisite Practice and Spiritual Meditation
Invisibility is 90% mental / spiritual and only about 10% physical. So lets get the physical stuff out of the way. Actually, no. I want to build you a frame of reference so that you can "see" that invisibility is indeed possible.

Have you ever spent half an hour looking for your glasses or keys to have your girlfriend tell you that they are either on your head or bulging out of your pocket? Have you ever looked in the fridge for the butter and couldn't see it just in front of your eyes? What about at a bank robbery where none of the people on the scene can agree on how many assailants there were? And this one is my favorite. Have you ever had a friend walk up to you and stand there for hours before he scared the shite out of you?

Musicians, RF Engineers, and Ninjas understand why selective recognition happens. They also know how to replicate it to their advantage. What's actually going on here is that when you cannot see something, you are "OUT OF PHASE." The same way a 802.11 frequency wifi antenna could never pick up a 800mhz cdma signal, you are simply out of phase.

When you can't find your glasses on your head, its because you are looking with your eyes so intently that all the CHI ENERGY in your skin sensory nerves are depleted. If you are looking for your keys, you can't find them in your pocket because your chi energy is so focused on arriving late in the future that you cannot feel the present. The reason you couldn't see the butter in the fridge is because you were so hungry for flapjacks that your mind was filled with images of a tall stack dripping with real maple syrup. The image of the butter had no way to squeeze into your head edgewise. Bank robbery? One of the guys were on a different frequency than everyone else in the bank.

Kung Fu Practice and Training DIGG IT!
The human body is nothing more than an antenna. And your mind is the radio. So getting back to the physical part. This is the simple part. Blend in. Cammo helps but for true masters, it is unnecessary. A friend of mine, a Kendo Master (when he was in highschool) was able to elude several police officers wearing dark colors against a white wall. (this story later...)

So physically what you do is blend in through motion. People, trees, shrubbery, all have different frequencies or oscillation cycles. If a tree branch is swaying in the wind there is a specific amount of time it takes to complete one cycle of swaying. Given that the wind speed remains constant, the swaying rhythm of the tree will also be constant. so walk IN PHASE WITH THE TREES.

The Ghestapo will be looking for anything "OUT OF THE ORDINARY" so move like the ordinary.

Now for the spiritual part.

Ever got the sense that someone is staring at your from behind? You turn around and sure enough you were right! How did you know that? Answer: Vibes, RF Emissions, or CHI Energy. If you want to be noticed by someone, all you have to do is match their vibe and stare at their neck. (another topic...) But since you DONT want to be seen, just stop broadcasting your presence.

This is practiced through meditation. We spend so much time trying to be seen, noticed, and nurtured as a child that we never learn how to be invisible. Unless the child is from a disfunctional family. Then the child becomes an expert at hiding. Even in class, he is the kid whos name everyone forgets.

So here is the meditation. Sit comfortably. Full lotus position is good. Relax to the point of REM Sleep (takes a while to sleep sitting up). Now, visualize and feel your clothes evaporating off your body. Next, feel your skin blending into the air like sugar into hot water. Then, see and feel your muscles, blood, tendons, sinews, nerves float away like a leaf from a tree. Finally, see and feel your bones melt into the earth.

Here is the fun part. Go ahead and have an out of body experience. Since you no longer have a body, this should be easy. Go ahead. look around for your self. You should only see the depression on the carpet or mat in the shape of your butt. You are no longer anywhere.

In this condition, you can cruise around the whole world and see things. Native American Medicine Men were supposedly able to "fly" over mountains and accurately count the number of invading troops. Your own personal experience may vary. Try something simple like setting a deck of cards out in front of you and reading the third card out of the deck. If it works, don't freak out. You had a good 2% chance you'd succeed.

In any case, in this condition, you are tough to notice in this frame of mind. Now stay in this frame of mind AND move/sway at the same rate as the environment around you. You will be invisible.

Testing Your New Invisibility
The best way to test your invisibility is in real life situations. Find a movie theatre. Do the meditation and the walk. OH!, breathing is crucial here... more on this later it will take a big lesson to explain proper breathing. But suffice it to say that if you remember the way you were breathing during your meditation, you're doing it right.

Back to the theatre now. Move just as fluidly and calmly as during your meditation. You will be able to walk straight by the ticket matron. Now try this at a bar. Raise the stakes. The worst thing that can happen is that the 6foot 3 bouncer will clobber you with a punch. But that's ok. Just catch it and Aikido toss him into the air.

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